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Gang Programmer MODEL 400e+ Series

From development to mass production. Supported the high density devices! Summit-level high speed programming time!

M400 series provide the efficient programming for the high density devices with summit-level programming speed in the programmer industry. M400e+ series are equipped with 256Gbit (32GByte) memory and support the Gbyte size device too.

Special Features

High-speed Programming
Behavior comparison(MX25L6445EM2(8SOP))
SUeMMC-400e+ The specialized eMMC Socket Unit

SUeMMC-400e+ makes it possible to program Max 32 pcs of eMMC simultaneously on MODEL416e+(Standard simultaneous programming: 16pcs).

Easy-to-use operation soft (GUI view)

Managing LOT, changing partition of NAND flash and setting various information management as bad block become easier by easy-to-use operation soft (GUI view)

Effective for mass production! Con-current method.

MODEL 416 with newly-developed ‘Con-current programming method’ start to program devices per unit (4 sockets). Programming time is significantly shortend by this method.

Standard Model of mass production by Full Auto Programming System
  • AH-784 Full Auto Programming System

    The conbinations of Full Auto Programming System such as ‘AH-784’ and MODEL416 with Con-current method make more mass production all possible.

  • Sharing of adapter & effective utilization of resources

    Socket Adapter can be used on full auto programming system such as ‘AH-784’.
    ective utilization of resouces has become possible.


Programming Target 1.2V to 3.3V flash ROM * 5.0V : under development
NOR, Serial-ROM, NAND, One-NAND, i-NAND, MoviNAND, eMMC, eSD, flash embedded microcontroller SD memory card, memory card such as CF card
Memory Size Standard 128Gbit (16Gbyte)
*Max. 256Gbit (32Gbyte) as an option
The number of simultaneous programming MODEL404e+: Max. 4pcs
MODEL408e+: Max. 8pcs
MODEL416e+: Max. 16pcs
Con-current Model MODEL408e+・MODEL416e+
Socket Unit SU400-48DP/3V (equipped on each MODEL as standard)
*for 16bit EIAJ DIP array 1.2~3.3V flash memory
SU400-42DP/5V (under development)
*for 8bit JEDEC DIP array 5.0V EPROM, flash memory, flash embedded microcontroller
Supporting OS Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Data Format Binary format (no format), INTEL HEX, Motorola-S
Operating Mode Select: Select a device
Config: Configuration
Load: Load master data file into the buffer memory
Save: Save data
Load Pri: Load Project file data
Save Prj: Save project file data
Edit: Edit data in the buffer memory
Copy: Copy data from master data to the buffer memory of the programmer.
Blank: Blank check of flash ROM
Prog: Program data in the memory into flash ROM.
Verify: Verify data in flash ROM and the buffer memory of programmer
Erase: Erase data in Flash ROM
External Interface USB2.0
Power Supply (voltage/frequency) AC100V~AC240V / 50Hz~60Hz
Measurement / Weight (with socket unit) MODEL404e+: 230(W)x260(D)x110(H)mm / 2.4Kg
MODEL408e+: 380(W)x260(D)x110(H)mm / 5.2Kg
MODEL416e+: 380(W)x390(D)x120(H)mm / 9.0Kg
Power Consumption (Maximum) MODEL404e+: 60VA
MODEL408e+: 100VA
MODEL416e+: 200VA
Recommended Temperature 5~35°C
Certification RoHS compliant, CE Marking (under acquisition)