Company IntroductionCompany Introduction


April1951 Established Minato Tsushinki Seisakusho in Minato-ku, Tokyo, to design and manufacture various electronic instruments and power supplies.
December1956 Reorganized as a public company: Minato Tsushinki Co., Ltd.
April1962 Established Takasaki Factory in Takasaki-shi, Gunma Prefecture.
February1966 Developed company's first IC tester, the Integrated Circuit Function Tester.
September1966 Yokohama Factory established in Yokohama.
December1968 Developed Memory Function Tester.
August1972 Company name changed to Minato Electronics Inc.
May1973 Developed Japan's first Prom Programmer.
July1980 Developed Memory Test System.
August1981 Moved headquarters to Yokohama.
January1984 Developed Virtual Server networking different models of PC through a LAN.
May1984 Developed the optical touch sensor system Touch Data.
February1986 Developed CCD Test System. Developed Non-Contact-Type Rotational Speed Variation Measuring System using laser and doppler effects.
November1988 Registered and Listed in JASDAQ securities exchange.
November1991 Developed LCD Test System.
October1994 Developed Flash Memory Test System.
November1997 Developed Test Burn-In System.
November1999 Developed 16-Piece Simultaneous Gang Programmer.
March2001 Developed FPD High Precision Test System.
March2002 Developed High Speed Auto Handler for Gang Programmer.
March2002 Developed Plasma Touch.
August2002 Developed Eight-Piece Simultaneous Gang Programmer.
March2004 ISO 140001 certification acquired.
October2005 Developed 16-Piece Simultaneous Gang Programmer with MPG Engine.
July2010 Developed Concurrent Gang Programmer.
May2011 Integrated Takasaki Factory into headquarters.
May2013 The Nagoya office was established in Nagoya-shi.
September2013 The Shanghai coordination office was established in Shanghai, China.
January2014 The Bangkok coordination office was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
April2014 We acquired 100% ownership of EIT Co., Ltd.
September2014 The Dongguan coordination office was established in Dongguan, China.
July2015 Company name changed to MINATO HOLDINGS inc.
January2016 New ROM Programming Center was established.
March2016 Minato (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. started the operations.
April2016 We acquired 100% ownership of SanMax Technologies Inc.
May2016 Smart Response Inc. was established.
December2016 Minato Financial Partners Inc. was established.
March2017 We acquired 100% ownership of Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd.
June2017 Moved headquarters to Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
October2018 Transition to holding company structure. Minato Advanced Technologies Inc. started the operations.
December2019 Minato Financial Partners Inc. started Solar power generation business in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
April2020 SanMax Technologies Inc. made G.worker.Inc consolidated.
August2021 We acquired 100% ownership of Princeton Ltd.
February2021 We acquired 100% ownership of IT Craft Co. Ltd.
April2021 We acquired 76.2% ownership of Pioneer Soft Co., Ltd.
December2021 We acquired 99.6% ownership of Explorer Inc.
April2022 Moved to the Standard Market through reorganization of Tokyo Stock Exchange markets.
April2022 Osaka sales office was established.
July2022 Pioneer Soft Co., Ltd. merged with EIT Co., Ltd. and changed Campany name to CREIT SOLUTIONS Inc.
December2022 Moved headquarters to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
January2023 Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd. Merged with IT Craft Co. Ltd.
April2023 SanMax Technologies Inc. merged with G.worker Inc.
April2023 Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd. made Revers Inc. consolidated.