Product & Service

Serial flash Programmer MS-01

Dedicated programmer for SERIAL-FLASH

Dedicated programmer for SERIAL-FLASH

Special Features

All settings are configured by SD-card (master data, operation mode, etc)

Adopts SD card batch setting mode Various settings such as master data, device selection information and action mode can be stored in a SD card and then read for programming by batch by the programmer.

Twice as fast as before

Ultra high-speed programming is realized through dedicated desigen serial flash memory.

  • Receptacle socket adapter

    We developed a dedicated socket adapter(MS-01). Different from the previous adapter, the adapter can replace the socket part only. Running cost is reduced to 16% of previous cost.(Part of adapters can’t be receptacle)

  • high-performance cluster programming

    Parallelism can realize gang programming. Since IC identification for automatic starting is installed, programming can be started from the programmer which is mounted with IC. This makes it available to perform reading in the most effective manner.


Target device Serial NOR Flash
Target device 8,16SOP(150/208/300mil),WSON.USON …etc
Buffer memory 1Gbit
Socket adapter Special adapter for MS-01
Interface USB2.0, SD CARD(for master-file transportation)
PC application Midata (for making master-file)
Size(W×H×D) 85.5×60.5×170(mm)
Weight 660g
Power consumption 10VA(max)
Power supply AC100〜AC240,50〜60Hz
Temperature range 5〜35℃