Product & Service

PH-MReel(FULL Automatic)

PH-MReel which carries 2 MS-01 Serial Flash programmer is high performance system which can run programming, marking and taping devices such as Serial Flash ROM, EEPROM.

Special Features

Taping function
  • Equipped with the Tape for evacuation (Out) separately from Tape for supply (IN)
  • Process the taping by thermo compression bonding with cover tape after program.
  • Usable without any change for mounted operation.
  • Scissile the tape after programming as necessary.
Eliminate ROM programming operation error
  • could have programmed…by oversight….Eliminate the outflow of blank rom
  • Eliminate the NG due to bentness of lead caused by operator.
  • Eliminate the program error by master program download via LAN
Simplified Stamp Function
  • Identifiable ROM version of the device by automatic stamp to programed device


Target package 8,16SOP,TSSOP,WSON,,,,etc
Buffer memory 1Gbit
Interface USB2.0 SD card (for master-file transportation)
Socket adaptor Special adaptor for MS-01
Temperature range 5-35°C
Power supply AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Power consumption 10VA(Max)
Size(WxHxD)/Weight 85.5(W)x170(D)x60.5(H) / 660g
Target device SOIC、TSSOP…etc
Target tape JIS C 0806-3:2010 Embossed carrier tape
(IEC 60286-3:2007 ANSI/EIA-481D-2008)
Target top cover tape Top cover tape with Heat-Fusible adhesives
Tap carrying method Carrier system Pulse motor and belt driven type
Manual operation  
Rom Carrying method Pulse motor(cam method) with rotary actuator
Jam rate Less then 1/1000
Without deformed tape and Caused by Roms
UPH 650pcs/hour (MAX)
Mark Dot marking
Measure for safety Emergency stop switch
Control PC FA personal computer
OS Microsoft Windows ™ 7 Professional SP1 (Japanese)
User interface
Liquid crystal display, key board, mouse
Utility Power AC100V single phase 50/60Hz 200VA
Supplied cable IEC60320 – JIS C 8303 (Class I) 3m
Air 0.4〜0.5MPa 50L/Min.
plug 20PM
Others Paint color N9.5 half eggshell paint
Size 540(D)x1125(W)x970(H) mm without PC
Weight 80kg